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Scorpionizer by Pär Thörn / TR Kirstein

Scorpionizer, a CD by the Danish sound artist and writer Tobias R. Kirstein and the Swedish writer and performance artist Pär Thörn is a mixture of paranoid drone music, industrial loops, perverted field recordings and occult transmissions. With the use of found sounds, sinewaves and lo-fi samples the two artists construct an obscure repetitive stuttering narrative; a dark splintered novel about people in the shadow struggling to save themselves from an endagering situation. An intense soundworld with references to true crime, teleevangelism and HP Lovecraft.

Mastered by Claus Haxholm.

Edition of 150.

100 dkk/ 13 eur plus porto 

Pär Thörn

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Review in Vital Weekly

“This is a most curious release of some extreme excursions in the world of tonality. Tobias Kirstein is called a sound artist and writer and acts here also as a label boss, and he teams up with Pär Thörn, who had before a couple of releases on Firework Edition, Kning Disk, Diskret Förlag and such. There are no instruments mentioned on the cover or the website here, but it is easy to say this all deals with electronic sounds. We have high-pitched frequencies, sub-low bass, hissy textures and the lowest of low-resolution samples. Voices play a role too, but I have no idea if these are from either of the two composers or perhaps lifted from other sources. With some distortion going on, I could easily (and maybe wrongly) think these voices come from short wave radio. The final piece, of eight in total, is ‘No Radio Is Innocent’, lasting almost thirty-eight minutes and perhaps that title got me thinking. In ‘They Came In’, the channels are strictly separated; one side has the voice/narration, which seems like ‘scene of the crime’ sort of thing and a dirty mid-range rumble in the other channel. It is altogether quite grim this music. The extreme frequencies occasionally used versus the spoken word, even when it is hard to decipher what it is all about, made this a very pleasant yet very dark ride. It is like watching a horror film of which you are not sure is a horror film. It might all be very creepy and it very well might be something entirely different. This is one of those things that leaves everything wide open. (FdW)”

Lyd til FOD FLUGT – Munkeruphus Strandpark

A sound work to be listened to under a boat.

seidlers SENSORIUM starter produktion af FOD FLUGT 80 min. sensorisk publikums inddragende performance-vandring skabt steds-specifikt til Udstillingsstedet Munkeruphus i Munkerup strandpark med premiere 1 september 2020.

FOD FLUGT omhandler flugt over havet og stens bevægelser geologisk i landskabet gennem tiden. Vandringen inddrager lokal historie i Gilleleje og omegn om jødernes flugt over sundet under 2. verdenskrig og flugt over havet i dag globalt set.

Jeg glæder mig til at producere 5 kunstinstallationer og designe de mange kostumer til publikum og performere sammen med scenograf Eva Wendelboe Kuczynski fra Alba Nowik Production, design studerende Laia Lykke de Lemos og kostumier/rekvisitør Ane Løkken på mit værksted og i hallen hos @fabrikkenffkd #fabrikkenforkunstogdesign

Performance-vandring udvikles med et skønt hold af medskabende kunstnere :
Scenekunstnere Rasmus Jensen og Betina Birkjær,
Komponist og lydkunstner Tobias Kirstein,
Sanger og scenekunstner Alaya Riefensthal,
Sanger og komponist Anna Kruse,
Sanger og performer Marte Schau

Vi glæder os til igen at afholde performance-vandringer hos #munkeruphus, følg med på @seidlerssensorium

Projektet realiseres med tilskud fra Billedkunstrådet Statens Kunstfond til kunstværker. Mange tak #kunstgørenforskel
Drone Fotograf David A. Garcia Billedbehandling Marika Seidler

Torino – a soundpiece for the venue Tape.

TR Kirstein/Lars Lundehave Hansen -Sleep, Night

Lars Lundehave Hansen has been working with ephemeral drones and physical music for the past 20 years – as a soundartist, enthusiastic promotor of and dedicated performer in these fields. He co-founded legendary organization Noisejihad and was the catalyst behind danish renowned drone-act Wäldchengarten. Follow his endeavours into sound beyond music on his website or through Tonometer Music

Pythia’s Journals curated and organized by Signe Vad & T.R. Kirstein

Read a review here:

Pythia’s Journals is a monomedia art festival text, sound & visual art that offers different possibilities to think, act and sense ourselves into a future.

Pythia was the interpreter of the curious singing sounds from the intoxicated oracles. She transformed the seemingly incoherent utterings coming from the hazy cave into cryptical prophetic messages for the curious. And we are so ever curious to read those journals from the future.

So, this is not about the pandemic per se. This is about the future.

The inability to envision a future, because of an all-encompassing present time as a state of mind is one definition of depression (as described by Mikkel Krause Frantzen in his book Going Down Slow).  Pythia’s Journals wanted to ease us out of this stasis by providing strange and radical artworks as possible and impossible futures.

The internet of course has its own limitations, hence ‘monomedia’. On the other hand it offers a cheap, easy, and international forum across distances that are now otherwise closed down.

So we decided to make an online festival filled with a strange energy, with an easy touch and with swift decisions. It needed to be done in one fast and precise movement, a stroke of luck, when you hit the ball just right, as when the stone skips across the water it bounces impossibly on the surface.

We compiled a quick list of local and international artist and – though we had no money- we contacted them with this naïve and ambitious idea of creating a platform to think and envision futures on a medium that during lockdown seemed to be the only safe* public space where we could try to grasp what was going on.

Most said yes. Thank you to all of you.

The artists are: Elena Lundquist Ortiz,  Alexander Holm og Stine Frandsen, Miss Fish, Nanna Gro Henningsen, Marja-leena Sillanpää (S), Francesca Burratelli (Dk/It) Leyya Mona Tawil/ Lime Rickey International (Syria, Palestine, US), Pär Thörn (S), Ursula Nistrup, Mycelium, John Duncan (US), Kristoffer Ørum, Marcela Lucatelli (br), Don Dietrich (us), Geraldine Hudson (uk), Marie Eline Hansen, Danielle Dahl (no), Ragnhild May, Kristoffer Raasted, Puce Mary, Claus Haxholm, Jacob Lillemose, Marianne Jørgensen, Christian Vogel (uk) and prophetic mixes by Joachim Nordwall (s) Cejero DJs, Isak Tind, Mark Kirkegaard Andersen.

All adventurous, curious and radical artists in their own right

This focus of artistic energy has resulted in a great collection of videos, texts, sounds and images mostly new and some older works set in a new context. Some short, some very long, some dark, some cryptical… all interesting and thought enticing

The festival starts on may 13 and goes on until may 16. New works are uploaded during these days. The artworks will then be online until may 26.

Pythia’s Journals is an online festival and we ask for the audience to buy a ticket to experience the art. Everything goes directly to the participating artists. We encourage you all to buy works directly from the artists and bandcamp.

We are very grateful to Nordisk Kulturfonds opstartspulje for the quick decision to support the festival.

All of this funding also goes to the participating artists.

We hope that you will buy a ticket and enjoy this quickly established attempt to create something beautiful, interesting and prophetic. We hope you too can read the hazy singing that can bring us into a different future.


Signe Vad & Tobias R. Kirstein

Supported by

Parasitic capacitance

Force Majeure 2

Force Majeure- bog


tekster af TR Kirstein, Jonas Okholm Jensen og Zven Balslev
illustreret af Zven Balslev
56 sider.
format 10×15 cm

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Kiilan Äänipäivät Online festival 28/03/2020

Kiilan Äänipäivät

ONLINE Special!

Kiilan Äänipäivät proudly presents online festival!

Festival is about one hour long. We have 12 sound art / experimental music performances (about 5 min each) coming around the blue planet. Performances are straight after each other, no breaks, no loosing, just full on!

Performance order:
Doors opens 5:50 pm UTC

John Grzinich EE/UK
Casey Moir S/AU
Tobias Kirstein DK
Xiang Li CN
Keränen FI
Rie Nakajima UK/JP
Maria Bertel DK
Yan Jun CH
Lime Rickey International US (Leyya)
Antti Tolvi FI

DONATE please: (3-5-10€??)
Donations goes directly to artists: ->
MOBILEPAY (Finland): 0445994595

No End in Sight (2020) as part of the online exhibition CATASTROPHE

New Online Exhibition opening on Office of Emergency’s FB page
CATASTROPHE featuring 27 international artists – Curated by Signe Vad

Office of emergency


New digital release: Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Tobias R. Kirstein plays Cities of the Red Night

A duo concert by Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Tobias R. Kirstein combined with a projection of the latters danish translation of William S. Burroughs’s novel ‘Cities of the Red Night’ for the audience to read aloud during the concert, at Mayhem, Copenhagen.

Live recording at Mayhem, 2018.
Cover photo by Geraldine Hudson.

Topos 00/00/00 is a series of a weekly digital releases.

The Topos 00/00/00 series are works made by Jacob Kirkegaard, T.R. Kirstein or Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard as individuals, together or in collaboration with other artists working with sound.

By purchasing this digital release you will be supporting future releases from the E.A.T. archives.

CANCELLED VEGA ARTS: 27.5. Ursula Nistrup & TR Kirstein: Hollow Bodies

Screenshot_2020-02-28 VEGA ARTS - Nyt visionært kunstprojekt i VEGA.png

Curated by Matthias Borello


CANCELLED Public reading

Screenshot_2020-02-17 Forfatterdag på Biblioteket Kulturværftet Helsingør kommunes biblioteker.pngLørdag 28. marts 13:00 – 15:00 Kulturværftet

‘Make-Believe Media’ (in process)

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