Deltager i gruppeudstillingen RETROAVANTGARDE, Kongegården, Korsør

RETROAVANTGARDE er en omfattende gruppeudstilling med deltagelse af 21 kunstnere: Asbjørn Skou, Bank & Rau, Christian Finne, Claus Ejner, Ditte Gantriis, Hannah Amalie Nielsen, Kristoffer Ørum, LADA, Mette Rasmussen, Michael Boelt Fischer, Lise Nørholm, Pist Protta, Randi & Katrine, Rikke Benborg, Thorgej Steen Hansen, Tobias R. Kirstein og Zven Balslev.

FERNISERING: LØRDAG 17.9 kl. 13-16.

Konceptuelt er udstillingen inspireret af begrebet retro-avantgarde, hvis kunstneriske arbejdsmetode retrogardisme kombinerer traditionel kunst med brugen af symbolsk ladede billeder hentet fra den historiske avantgarde.

Tematisk tager udstillingen afsæt i den sen-avantgardistiske strømning, der foldede sig ud på Balkan i 1920’erne, og især i de to kunsttidsskrifter ”Zenit” og ”Tank”, der vil fungere som inspiratorisk input.

Med digital adgang til tidsskrifterne i pdf-versioner vil de inviterede kunstnere skabe nye værker til udstillingen i en værkmæssig dialog med tidsskrifternes visuelle indhold og udtryk. Målet er at dyrke og reetablere den kunstneriske energi og frie, kreative vilje til kollektiv forandring, der i sin tid drev den historiske avantgarde og dens utopiske visioner frem.

Frem mod etableringen af udstillingen er kunstnerne blevet inviteret til en række møder, hvor de kan få indflydelse på udstillingens endelige form og program. Oplæg om både den historiske avantgarde og retroavantgarden, som kunstnerisk strategi og positionering, danner baggrund for samtale og diskussion.

Udstillingen er planlagt til at rumme værker og installationer inden for alle billedkunstneriske medier inklusiv lyd og vil brede sig over Kongegaardens tre etager, det 275 m2 X-rum i Glasværket og Kongegårdshaven.

Udstillingens konceptudvikling og etablering er et samarbejde mellem Kunsthal Kongegaardens kunstfaglige leder, kunsthistoriker Henrik Broch-Lips og udstillingens kurator, billedkunstner Thorgej Steen Hansen. 

Kunsthal Kongegaardens udstillingsprogram 2022 er støttet af:
Statens Kunstfond
Det Obelske Familiefond
Slagelse Kommune

Udstillingen RETROAVANTGARDE er støttet af:
15. Juni Fonden

HAUNT (2022) by Claus Haxholm & TR Kirstein presented at and commissioned by Bureau for Listening

HAUNT, 2022 [Installation]

Tobias Kirstein & Claus Haxholm

White noise track, TV-light simulators, Handbook of Aggressive Listening

“The screens are flickering, marking the shapes of bodies and their stories on the barren walls. Nobody is home. Home is nobody. The noise only gives a whispering guidance. Strategies of the fake invisible marks the consequences on the cold white walls. Nobody is not there. The outside looks in. The desire of knowledge. Nobody is knowledge. Not empty but flickering still.”

Practical information:

The exhibition is open 24 hours by appointment.

Visit after nightfall is recommended.

The exhibition will run from the 10th to 16th of june.

You can come without appointment the 10th of june from 17:00-24:00 (opening).

Address: Odinsgade 2, 1. th, 2200 Copenhagen N.

Mail: bureauforlistening[at]

New works for ALTER 2022

Alter is a new Aarhus-based festival for transgressive and adventurous music, sounds and art. We seek to situate our visitors in a transformed space and immerse them in to three days of experimental acts. A variety of expression will be presented by virtue of a diverse lineup of artists. So please, join us for an extended weekend of virtuosity, severe transmutation, and excited sentiments.
Date: August 25th – 27th 2022
Location: To be announced.

Mediale Muzik

John Duncan / TR Kirstein out on Moving Furniture CD+Bandcamp.


JOHN DUNCAN has operated for decades at the cutting edge of performance, video, experimental music, installation, pirate radio and television. He has played a pivotal role in the development of performance art in Los Angeles, of experimental music as a member of LAFMS, of Japanese noise and pirate radio in Tokyo. Duncan’s work in experimental music continues to have a lasting influence as his art overall continues to be honed, refined, sharpened.

Moving Furniture Records is a label based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands specialized in releasing experimental electronic run by Sietse van Erve, started in October 2008. The label has a strong focus on drones, experimental ambient, minimalist, microtonal and field-recordings music, but we don’t limit us to this.

Moving Furniture Records has released music by both renowned, musicians such as Frans de Waard, Gareth Davis & Merzbow, BJNilsen and Machinefabriek, as (young) new talent such as Find Hope In Darkness, Zeno van den Broek, Bas van Huizen, Rose & Sandy and Haarvöl.

Review in Vital Weekly “I heard the name John Duncan for the first time in the mid-’80s, and ever since I heard his music off and on. In the last decade, mostly off. I am not sure if there are many new releases from him, or maybe they simply don’t reach me. Duncan was once part of the Los Angeles Free Music Society, starting a trajectory that brought him to Tokyo, Amsterdam, and then Italy, where he performed radical music. The shortwave radio is one of his main sound sources (well, perhaps ‘is’ should be ‘was’). Kirstein, on the other hand, is someone of whom I heard not too much music, save his work with Pär Thörn (Vital Weekly 1261) and that he is a member of Lights People (Vital Weekly 884) and Topos, a trio with Jacob Kirkegaard and Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard. I believe you could call him a computer musician, but that is also what you could call Duncan.
    This collaborative work started with a dream Kirstein had in which Duncan repeated the phrase ‘You Are Safe’ (the dream was on the day that Roky Erickson from the 13th Elevators died, March 31, 2019, if that has any relevance). Kirstein asked Duncan to record that phrase, as well as ‘Come To Me’, which is the second piece here, and around that, they spin an intricate web of sine waves or drones; or both. You never know how these are generated nowadays. Likewise, I am not entirely sure what was done here, beyond the voice of Duncan. ‘Come To Me’ is repeated more times than ‘You Are Safe’ and has more words. It is a song if you want. I don’t know how the drones/sine waves were made, but my best guess is that these are computer-generated. In ‘Come To Me’, the drones at the beginning sound like a buzzing insect, which is slightly annoying, but over twenty or so minutes, it morphs into a gentler variation. By then, the repetitions of the voice are also less. ‘You Are Safe’ starts with a similar drone as ‘Come With Me’ ends, maybe tying both pieces together, but the drones remain sober and atmospheric throughout this piece. The repeated text is almost like a warning signal. I enjoyed this piece a lot for its minimal character and, honestly, the lesser amount of text. The other one is not bad at all, certainly in the second half of the piece. It is altogether a most interesting collaboration. (FdW)”


Madrigal (for Gesualdo) by Christian Rønn & TR Kirstein

Topos, the danish forefront of interesting musings and beyond, is releasing “Madrigal” today. A piece of music by Tobias Kirstein and Christian Rønn recorded live in 2017. Two organs, 8 oscillators, wooden floor and ceiling, stonewalls, some people and a good amount of time and patience.

Christian Rønn works with improvisation, electroacoustics, fixed composition, soundart and film-music, performing and writing in a variety of combinations and constellations. F.ex. with Ikue Mori, Peter Peter, Aram Shelton and P.O. Jørgens. Points of interest: unrecognizable states of being, transcendence, journey beyond language. His energetic and out-of-body-playing-style has been likened to Cecil Taylor and Sun Ra. As an organ-and piano-player, he creates solo- and collaborative works for organ, piano and multi-channel electronics as well as installation-works. Writes and produces “Panser” with Peter Peter as well as the popular electronica-act “Ganga” and has been scoring film-classics as “Battleship Potemkin”, “Metropolis” and “Man with a Moving Camera”.

More about Christian Rønn:

Scorpionizer by Pär Thörn / TR Kirstein

Scorpionizer, a CD by the Danish sound artist and writer Tobias R. Kirstein and the Swedish writer and performance artist Pär Thörn is a mixture of paranoid drone music, industrial loops, perverted field recordings and occult transmissions. With the use of found sounds, sinewaves and lo-fi samples the two artists construct an obscure repetitive stuttering narrative; a dark splintered novel about people in the shadow struggling to save themselves from an endagering situation. An intense soundworld with references to true crime, teleevangelism and HP Lovecraft.

Mastered by Claus Haxholm.

Edition of 150.

100 dkk/ 13 eur plus porto 

Pär Thörn

More details soon on

Review in Vital Weekly

“This is a most curious release of some extreme excursions in the world of tonality. Tobias Kirstein is called a sound artist and writer and acts here also as a label boss, and he teams up with Pär Thörn, who had before a couple of releases on Firework Edition, Kning Disk, Diskret Förlag and such. There are no instruments mentioned on the cover or the website here, but it is easy to say this all deals with electronic sounds. We have high-pitched frequencies, sub-low bass, hissy textures and the lowest of low-resolution samples. Voices play a role too, but I have no idea if these are from either of the two composers or perhaps lifted from other sources. With some distortion going on, I could easily (and maybe wrongly) think these voices come from short wave radio. The final piece, of eight in total, is ‘No Radio Is Innocent’, lasting almost thirty-eight minutes and perhaps that title got me thinking. In ‘They Came In’, the channels are strictly separated; one side has the voice/narration, which seems like ‘scene of the crime’ sort of thing and a dirty mid-range rumble in the other channel. It is altogether quite grim this music. The extreme frequencies occasionally used versus the spoken word, even when it is hard to decipher what it is all about, made this a very pleasant yet very dark ride. It is like watching a horror film of which you are not sure is a horror film. It might all be very creepy and it very well might be something entirely different. This is one of those things that leaves everything wide open. (FdW)”

Lyd til FOD FLUGT – Munkeruphus Strandpark

A sound work to be listened to under a boat.

seidlers SENSORIUM starter produktion af FOD FLUGT 80 min. sensorisk publikums inddragende performance-vandring skabt steds-specifikt til Udstillingsstedet Munkeruphus i Munkerup strandpark med premiere 1 september 2020.

FOD FLUGT omhandler flugt over havet og stens bevægelser geologisk i landskabet gennem tiden. Vandringen inddrager lokal historie i Gilleleje og omegn om jødernes flugt over sundet under 2. verdenskrig og flugt over havet i dag globalt set.

Jeg glæder mig til at producere 5 kunstinstallationer og designe de mange kostumer til publikum og performere sammen med scenograf Eva Wendelboe Kuczynski fra Alba Nowik Production, design studerende Laia Lykke de Lemos og kostumier/rekvisitør Ane Løkken på mit værksted og i hallen hos @fabrikkenffkd #fabrikkenforkunstogdesign

Performance-vandring udvikles med et skønt hold af medskabende kunstnere :
Scenekunstnere Rasmus Jensen og Betina Birkjær,
Komponist og lydkunstner Tobias Kirstein,
Sanger og scenekunstner Alaya Riefensthal,
Sanger og komponist Anna Kruse,
Sanger og performer Marte Schau

Vi glæder os til igen at afholde performance-vandringer hos #munkeruphus, følg med på @seidlerssensorium

Projektet realiseres med tilskud fra Billedkunstrådet Statens Kunstfond til kunstværker. Mange tak #kunstgørenforskel
Drone Fotograf David A. Garcia Billedbehandling Marika Seidler

Torino – a soundpiece for the venue Tape.

TR Kirstein/Lars Lundehave Hansen -Sleep, Night

Lars Lundehave Hansen has been working with ephemeral drones and physical music for the past 20 years – as a soundartist, enthusiastic promotor of and dedicated performer in these fields. He co-founded legendary organization Noisejihad and was the catalyst behind danish renowned drone-act Wäldchengarten. Follow his endeavours into sound beyond music on his website or through Tonometer Music

Pythia’s Journals curated and organized by Signe Vad & T.R. Kirstein

Read a review here:

Pythia’s Journals is a monomedia art festival text, sound & visual art that offers different possibilities to think, act and sense ourselves into a future.

Pythia was the interpreter of the curious singing sounds from the intoxicated oracles. She transformed the seemingly incoherent utterings coming from the hazy cave into cryptical prophetic messages for the curious. And we are so ever curious to read those journals from the future.

So, this is not about the pandemic per se. This is about the future.

The inability to envision a future, because of an all-encompassing present time as a state of mind is one definition of depression (as described by Mikkel Krause Frantzen in his book Going Down Slow).  Pythia’s Journals wanted to ease us out of this stasis by providing strange and radical artworks as possible and impossible futures.

The internet of course has its own limitations, hence ‘monomedia’. On the other hand it offers a cheap, easy, and international forum across distances that are now otherwise closed down.

So we decided to make an online festival filled with a strange energy, with an easy touch and with swift decisions. It needed to be done in one fast and precise movement, a stroke of luck, when you hit the ball just right, as when the stone skips across the water it bounces impossibly on the surface.

We compiled a quick list of local and international artist and – though we had no money- we contacted them with this naïve and ambitious idea of creating a platform to think and envision futures on a medium that during lockdown seemed to be the only safe* public space where we could try to grasp what was going on.

Most said yes. Thank you to all of you.

The artists are: Elena Lundquist Ortiz,  Alexander Holm og Stine Frandsen, Miss Fish, Nanna Gro Henningsen, Marja-leena Sillanpää (S), Francesca Burratelli (Dk/It) Leyya Mona Tawil/ Lime Rickey International (Syria, Palestine, US), Pär Thörn (S), Ursula Nistrup, Mycelium, John Duncan (US), Kristoffer Ørum, Marcela Lucatelli (br), Don Dietrich (us), Geraldine Hudson (uk), Marie Eline Hansen, Danielle Dahl (no), Ragnhild May, Kristoffer Raasted, Puce Mary, Claus Haxholm, Jacob Lillemose, Marianne Jørgensen, Christian Vogel (uk) and prophetic mixes by Joachim Nordwall (s) Cejero DJs, Isak Tind, Mark Kirkegaard Andersen.

All adventurous, curious and radical artists in their own right

This focus of artistic energy has resulted in a great collection of videos, texts, sounds and images mostly new and some older works set in a new context. Some short, some very long, some dark, some cryptical… all interesting and thought enticing

The festival starts on may 13 and goes on until may 16. New works are uploaded during these days. The artworks will then be online until may 26.

Pythia’s Journals is an online festival and we ask for the audience to buy a ticket to experience the art. Everything goes directly to the participating artists. We encourage you all to buy works directly from the artists and bandcamp.

We are very grateful to Nordisk Kulturfonds opstartspulje for the quick decision to support the festival.

All of this funding also goes to the participating artists.

We hope that you will buy a ticket and enjoy this quickly established attempt to create something beautiful, interesting and prophetic. We hope you too can read the hazy singing that can bring us into a different future.


Signe Vad & Tobias R. Kirstein

Supported by

Parasitic capacitance

Force Majeure 2

Force Majeure- bog


tekster af TR Kirstein, Jonas Okholm Jensen og Zven Balslev
illustreret af Zven Balslev
56 sider.
format 10×15 cm

Køb her Cultpump

Kiilan Äänipäivät Online festival 28/03/2020

Kiilan Äänipäivät

ONLINE Special!

Kiilan Äänipäivät proudly presents online festival!

Festival is about one hour long. We have 12 sound art / experimental music performances (about 5 min each) coming around the blue planet. Performances are straight after each other, no breaks, no loosing, just full on!

Performance order:
Doors opens 5:50 pm UTC

John Grzinich EE/UK
Casey Moir S/AU
Tobias Kirstein DK
Xiang Li CN
Keränen FI
Rie Nakajima UK/JP
Maria Bertel DK
Yan Jun CH
Lime Rickey International US (Leyya)
Antti Tolvi FI

DONATE please: (3-5-10€??)
Donations goes directly to artists: ->
MOBILEPAY (Finland): 0445994595

No End in Sight (2020) as part of the online exhibition CATASTROPHE

New Online Exhibition opening on Office of Emergency’s FB page
CATASTROPHE featuring 27 international artists – Curated by Signe Vad

Office of emergency


New digital release: Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Tobias R. Kirstein plays Cities of the Red Night

A duo concert by Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Tobias R. Kirstein combined with a projection of the latters danish translation of William S. Burroughs’s novel ‘Cities of the Red Night’ for the audience to read aloud during the concert, at Mayhem, Copenhagen.

Live recording at Mayhem, 2018.
Cover photo by Geraldine Hudson.

Topos 00/00/00 is a series of a weekly digital releases.

The Topos 00/00/00 series are works made by Jacob Kirkegaard, T.R. Kirstein or Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard as individuals, together or in collaboration with other artists working with sound.

By purchasing this digital release you will be supporting future releases from the E.A.T. archives.

Lights People


Photo/Tone Gellett Koksevik

LIGHTS PEOPLE consisted of Sune TB Nielsen, Toke Tietze Mortensen and TR Kirstein.
LIGHTS PEOPLE have long worked with the power of the general electricity network which runs through everybody’s everyday. They use completely analog electricity creating large explosive bassheavy drone-like random force fields and they often invite a fourth artist to guide and create the sound field through the mixer fx: Kouhei Matsunaga, Leif Elggren, Teppop, HVAD, CM von Hausswolff, MATTIN and more.


Cover art: Leif Elggren, Toke Tietze Mortensen & Tobias R. Kirstein
Photo: Tone Gellett Koksvik
Available here: Firework Edition Records


The Evolutionary Antennae,
YOYOOYOY Alone Together Burger, Copenhagen Jazzhouse 2009


Opening night at Wundergrund 2009


Poster/TR Kirstein

CANCELLED VEGA ARTS: 27.5. Ursula Nistrup & TR Kirstein: Hollow Bodies

Screenshot_2020-02-28 VEGA ARTS - Nyt visionært kunstprojekt i VEGA.png

Curated by Matthias Borello


CANCELLED Public reading

Screenshot_2020-02-17 Forfatterdag på Biblioteket Kulturværftet Helsingør kommunes biblioteker.pngLørdag 28. marts 13:00 – 15:00 Kulturværftet

‘Make-Believe Media’ (in process)

media 19 (2).jpg

media 3 (2).jpg

media 20 (2).jpg

‘The effect of a flickering light should never be ignored’ (2019)

now showing at Funen Art Academy.

On display until late december.

Thanks to curator Lars Bent Petersen and staff.



New split release on Spricht Editions

Here we have a three-way split with three distinct artistic practices by Jesper Elving, Tobias Kirstein and Claus Haxholm.

Jesper Elving produces extra-lingual poems, with self-composed words put into strict gridlike structures that give the sense of musicality and enhance the more meditational effect of Elvings poetic constructions. Tobias Kirstein has worked with the hidden values of sound and being, not necessarily as an occult practice but rather in the vein of of LeWitts iconic Sentences ; “the conceptual artist is rather a Mystic than a rationalist” and through this lens Kirstein works with History and a sort of Introvert activism often via Drone and field recording. Claus Haxholm is an Artist and Musician working with tropes of Black Metal, analysing and dissecting the vocal expression of this genre. Solely focusing on the vocal, Haxholm shifts the perspective from the emotional and narrative to the more analytical bodily manifestations of screaming out your guts and lungs.

The release works as a human-designed prism, dealing with the prime elements of Language: Letter, Context and Emotion; all connected in “Expression” (voicing/communication) – something that Language somehow often seems to have a hard time splitting itself from. That split is not constructed here, but at least it opens bit up and all of the Expressions on this release expands on what (mind/throat-based) Language can take the form of. Personal and Collectively.

Released November 2019 by Spricht Editions.
released November 11, 2019

all rights reserved

New Age

new age.jpg

NEW AGE – på den anden side riter, magi, metafysik og spiritualitet i lyd, billede og tale

New Age – on the other side. Rites, magic, mephysics and spirituality in sound, image and speech

in the company of Claus Haxholm, Hans Kristian Hannibal-Bach, Karis Zidore, Kasper Opstrup, Lea Porsager, Olivia Riviere, Xenia Xemanek, Ydegirl.

I will premier a new light installation: The effect of a flickering light should never be ignored (2019)

Kl. 16.00 – 18.00
Venue: Det Fynske Kunstakademi, Jernbanegade 13
Fernisering på TR Kirsteins ”The effect of a flickering light should never be ignored. Installation på Det Fynske Kunstakademi

Musikbiblioteket og Det Fynske Kunstakademi har sammensat en lille mini-festival med en række kunstnere, der i lyd, billede, installation, performance og tale alle omfavner det sfæriske, magiske og spirituelle for at sende os på en rejse, vi ikke har været på før. En rejse om på den anden side af det kollektivt ubevidste, der udgør vores stabile verdensbillede… tror vi.

Et liv i skyggen af senkapitalismen
Næsten alle generationer genopdager igen og igen de modkulturelle mystikere Alistar Crowly, Madame Blavatsky, William Borroughs og stiller spørgsmål til vores ubevidste og rationelle opfattelse af verden. Det religiøse spiller – også politisk – en langt større rolle i dag, end nogen havde forestillet sig efter guds død og den moderne videnskabs fortælling om verden.

I vores forsøg på at finde en mening med livet i sen-kapitalismens skygge spiller religiøse, spirituelle eller metafysiske forklaringer for verdens sammenhæng altså stadig en rolle. Uanset om det er i form af de tre store monoteistiske religioner, new age eller private religiøse anskuelser, så forsøger vi med vold og magt gennem disse at etablere en større eller ligefrem modfortælling, til den vi møder i livet med far, mor og børn, villa og vovse.

Med pengeøkonomien som grundlag for verden og de menneskelige relationer og med både økologiske og klimamæssige katastrofer lige om hjørnet, er vi desperate efter at finde løsninger. Menneskeheden er nu blevet en naturkraft, der forårsager klodens destruktion, og måske derfor søger vi tilbage mod det, vi måske har overset. For at fare vild, for at finde udveje og retninger mod en anden verden.

New Age – kunst for en ny tid
De seneste år oplever vi, at denne fornyede interesse for mulige alternativer til vores virkelighed, som vi møder gennem sci-fi, det okkulte, magien og spiritualiteten, har fundet vej ind i kunsten.

Under det to dage lange musik- og performanceprogram, der finder sted på Musikbiblioteket, kan man opleve:

Ydegirl, der bruger oldtids-mosefundet Yde-pigen, som udgangspunkt for en musikalsk og kunstnerisk forbindelse af tidsaldre. Med projektet ‘ydegirl’ undersøger kunstneren Andre Novél det moderne liv i et historisk dybt perspektiv, hvor kommunikationen mellem tidsaldre foregår både gennem krystaller og ædelsten, sprog og frekvenser.

Komponist, lydkunstner og musiker Xenia Xemanek, der sammen med sit ensemble, giver en koncert med stemmer fra genfærd, stemmer fra det hinsides og undersøger stemmens magt over vores erindring og vores selvbillede.

Koreograferne, danserne og musikerne Karis Zidore og Olivia Riviere, der bruger deres kroppe, ler, lyd og deres stemmer til at skabe modbilleder til den traditionelle opdeling mellem krop og ånd.

TR Kirstein, der ubønhørligt undersøger magtstrukturer gennem lyd og lydens magt til at skabe nye sociale strukturer.

Billedkunstner, grafiker og musiker Claus Haxholm, der skaber uforudsigelige elektroniske klangflader i et grænseområde mellem musikalske strukturer, lydlig reportage og abstrakte klange.

Det Fynske Kunstakademi kan man møde:

Billedkunstneren Lea Porsager fortæller om hendes kunstneriske arbejde, der sammenfletter film, skulptur, fotografi og tekst i et felt, der omfatter videnskab, politik, feminisme og esoterisme.

Forsker og forfatter Kasper Opstrup med speciale i hybrider af kunst/litteratur, okkultisme og politik som modkultur og undergrundsfænomen fortæller om æstetisk strømninger af mystisk utopisme gennem det 20. århundrede fra surrealisme til i dag.

Hans Kristian Hannibal-Bach giver en Yoga koncert og guider dig sammen med en yogainstruktør igennem denne yogakoncert. Oplevelsen bliver mediterende og udnytter vores forbindelse til naturen og de gamle stammerytmer.


For mere information og akkreditering kontakt musikbibliotekar, kurator og arrangementsansvarlig Mads Led Behrend – eller på 51 33 06 67



Xenia Xemanek/Claus Haxholm/TR Kirstein plays Odense Bibliotek

Dag 3 af festivalen ‘NEW AGE – På den Anden Side’
Lørdag 16. November 16

Kl. 19.30 – 23.00
Koncert og performance:
Claus Haxholm
TR Kirstein
Xenia Xemanek: Germinate – [Imprint] – Wilt – [Stay] An oratorio about ghosts for voices, flutes, fake flutes and woolly pianos.
Venue: Odense musikbibliotek
Entre: 60 kr.

Yderligere info:

Odense Musikbibliotek

Østre Stationsvej 15, 5000 Odense, Denmark

Arrangeret i samarbejde med Det Fynske Kunstakademi – Funen Art Academy 

Dansk-Honduranske Xenia Xemanek er en komponist, lydkunstner og musiker, der skaber eksperimenterende elektronisk musik med et helt særegent og unikt udtryk.
Med sig til festivalen har hun det nykomponerede værk ’ Germinate – [Imprint] – Wilt – [Stay]’, der kredser om emner som spiritualitet, det paranormale, genfærd og erindringer.

I sine værker arbejder Xemanek ofte med stemmen som centralt lydligt element – androgyne, kunstige og ASMR-stemmer, men også med stemmen som bærer af kulturel betydning og erindring.

Xenia Xemanek debuterede i 2015, med det fantastiske album ‘Men’s Health’ under kunstneraliaset Equis på Infinite Waves.
Hendes debut under eget navn udkom sidste år på selskabet Anyines. Dette stærkt anbefalelsesværdige album ‘Envase’ blev udgivet sammen med en marmorskulptur af kunstner Lea Guldditte Hestelund.

TR Kirstein
Tobias R Kirstein er komponist, kunstner og forfatter med en lang og imponerende karriere bag sig.

Kirstein arbejder på tværs af medier og performative udtryk i et spændingsfelt mellem lydkunst, musik. litteratur og samtidskunst. Hans værker kredser sig ofte om emnerne lyd og magt og lydens latente magt over et sted eller en person – hvad enten det er gennem sansebombarderende lyd, fysisk krævende performances eller som diskrete installationer i det offentlige rum.

Foruden sit eget virke som kunstner, er Kirstein engageret i en lang række kunstneriske samarbejder.

Claus Haxholm
Claus Haxholm er uddannet fra Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademi. Han arbejder både med print, performance, musik, video og lyd.

Haxholms liste af musik- og lydudgivelser er imponerende lang og utroligt alsidig. Han står bag en række album på pladeselskabet Infinite Waves både i eget navn og under sit alias Assembler. Derudover er han medlem af Danmarks måske eneste no-wave band Spost. Der stod bag et af årets allerbedste og desværre meget oversete plader ‘Monkey Face’.

Claus Haxholm og Tobias R. Kirstein arbejder også ofte sammen som duo med performanceværker, der befinder sig i et udefinerbart mellemområde mellem manuelt arbejde og lydkunst.
F.eks. i 2014 med deres performance ’arbejde er det der adskiller os fra dyrene’, hvor de manuelt flyttede rundt på fire tons kalk i en performance der strakte sig over to dage.

Haxholm og Kirstein udgav sammen sidste år bogen ’Handbook of Aggressive Listening’ på forlaget Forlag.

Mediale Muzik by Bertel/Garcia/Kirstein

Photo by Malthe Folke Ivarsson

gong bertel garcia.jpg

Eget Værelse på Copenhagen Contemporary

G((o))ng Tomorrow og Copenhagen Contemporary inviterer til matiné med et af Københavns mest interessante musik- og kunstnerkollektiver netop nu, Eget Værelse. Oplev fri improvisation, video- og lydkunst, afro-pop, dans- og en hel del derimellem. Altsammen imens solen går ned over Refshaleøen.

Eget Værelse er et pladeselskab såvel som et arbejds- og åndsfællesskab, der udspringer af det anmelderroste band Selvhenter, og denne eftermiddag vil medlemmerne, Anja Jacobsen, Jaleh Negari, Sonja LaBianca og Maria Bertel hver især optræde i eget navn med helt nye værker.

Maria Bertel

Hvad end det er i samarbejderne Bad Astma, Gud er Kvinde eller som solist i Ymers Pizza er trombonist Maria Bertel kendt for at udfordre den gængse opfattelse af trækbasunen som instrument. Hun bevæger sig i mellem improvisation og repetition i forvrængede overtonekompositioner, samt intense, percussive fragmenter.

Sammen med den franske guitarist Nina Garcia og den konceptuelle kunstner og skribent Tobias R. Kirstein fremfører hun værket ‘Mediale Musik’. Som i en spiritistisk seance vil de sammen og hver for sig fungere som oversættende medier for de signaler, de hver især opfanger i rummet.

– Konceptet er udviklet specielt til denne eftermiddag på G((o))ng Tomorrow, fortæller Maria Bertel

Tid & sted:

9. november kl. 15:00-19:00
Dørene åbner kl. 14:00

Copenhagen Contemporary
Refshalevej 173 A
København K


Pris: 80 kr. inkl. gebyr

Topos at Gong Tomorrow

I will perform the sound piece Beelzebub and read a text on revolutions in the great company of the Sons of God (Leif Elggren and Kent Tankred).


Photo by Malthe Folke Ivarsson


Topos // Gong Tomorrow

Fysisk krævende performances, optagelser af fluer og lydene af en ligbrænding. Eller hvad med lyden af ventilationskanalerne i et udstillingsrum og et NemID spillet på blokfløjte? Kunstnerne bag den tværmediale platform Topos har kurateret en aften med både sonisk ubehag og musik for det indre øre, når de præsenterer egne, fælles og andres værker.  Aftenen er præsenteret i samarbejde med Copenhagen Contemporary.

Topos er en nystiftet platform for tværmedial kunst skabt af kunstnerne Jacob Kirkegaard, Tobias R. Kirstein og Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard. De hver især udforsker, undersøger og går på tværs af medier, genrer og fag. Topos afspejler væsensforskellige praksisser og giver mulighed for at videreudvikle og præsentere nye æstetiske måder at tænke på.

Topos: En bygnings anatomi (2019)
Topos omdanner Copenhagen Contemporary til en lydinstallation. Ved at indføre mikrofoner og højtalere i CC’s store udluftningsanlæg kommer rørenes egne indre rum og akustik i spil. Bygningen, rummet og dets indre peristaltik udgør selve udstillingen.

Jacob Kirkegaard: Opus Crematio (2019)
Skabt af lydoptagelser af en kremering af et menneskelig. Værket starter med kisten, som rulles ind i ovnen, hvorefter liget brændes. Knogleresterne skrabes herefter ud med en lang greb og nedkøles i svaleskabet. Til sidst knuses knoglerne i den såkaldte knoglespreder og hældes i urnen. Alle lyde er optaget med vibrationssensorer fastspændt på maskineriets overflade. Dette giver lydligt indblik i selve ovnens, svaleskabets og knogleknuserens indre.

TR Kirstein: Beelzebub (2019)
Næroptagelser af fluer. Fluen roder i alt, optager alt, spreder sygdom, renser sår, bevæger sig konstant, sværmer kaotisk i hobetal. I den forstand er den ren, hæmningsløs vilje. En vilje til forandring, mutationer, kombinationer og muligheder. Kirstein opfører sin nye udgivelse på Topos i en særlig udgave. Kirstein læser desuden op fra sin kommende bog om revolutioner.

Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard: Personfølsom musik – No. 1/Z074-193-875
NemID er et vilkår, alle samfundsborgere i Danmark er underlagt. Gennem en række værker undersøger Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard NemID-nøglekortet, som på den ene side fremstår fremmedgørende, og på den anden side er noget af det mest personlige, vi bærer rundt på.

Når et NemID-kort er brugt, står nøglekortet tilbage som et nøgternt vidnesbyrd om handlinger lige fra adgang til forældreintra, skilmisse og købet af hus – en instrumentel opsummering af livshandlinger over tid. ‘Personfølsom musik – No. 1/Z074-193-875’ er således det første værk, hvori Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard tilgår NemID-kortet som et partitur – for efterfølgende at oversætte det til musik for bedre at kunne forstå dette vilkår. ‘Personfølsom musik No. 1/Z074-193-875’ vil blive spillet på altblokfløjte.

Guds söner
Svensk performance-duo som består af Kent Tankred og Leif Elggren. De har været aktive siden sidst i 80’erne og beskriver sig selv således:

– Guds söners virkefelt kan beskrives som en undersøgelse af et mentalt luftrum, der foretages ved hjælp af utraditionelle værktøjer. Det lydlige aspekt er vigtigt, men samme omsorg er helliget det visuelle.
– Guds söner udvides ofte med supplerende kunstnere, der også påvirker ideerne og deres udtryk.
– Guds söner stiller sig til rådighed for civilt forsvar og stræber efter at indgyde styrke og mod.

Maxe: 5 rounds for boxer and acoustic guitar
Gennem 5 omgange af 3 minutter møder fjervægtssangskriveren Maxe ‘Still Tough and a Cutie’ Alicia den akustiske guitar i en undersøgelse af forholdet mellem sangskriveren og deres værktøj. ‘5 rounds for boxer and acoustic guitar’ er en performance, en træningssession, en koncert, en dokumentation, et teknisk træningspas, et kompositorisk arbejde, et videoværk og en potentiel forsoning.

Giver en koncentreret dosis sonisk ubehag. Med primitive maskingeværsavler af mikrosange, blast beats, ulidelig, kaotisk støj, feltoptagelser og næsehornsbrøl byder Martin Weile og Janus Welling op til dans.

Transfer of Value (2018)
‘Transfer of Value’ er en performance hvori publikum forestiller sig et stykke musik – et imaginært stykke musik, der kun kan høres ved at lytte med det indre øre. Da publikum selv skaber den forestillede musik og det værk, der lyttes til, bliver de medskabere og får en del af rettighedsmidlerne knyttet til opførelsen af ‘Transfer of Value’ denne aften på CC. Man skal blot opgive sit navn og KODA-nummer ved indgangen til koncerten, og så vil man automatisk modtage en udbetaling fra KODA.

Årlig festival for ny, eksperimenterende musik og lydkunst. Løber fra 1.-9. november 2019 og præsenterer koncerter og tværfaglige samarbejder mellem danske såvel som internationale kunstnere. G((o))ng Tomorrow arrangeres af Snyk.

Copenhagen Contemporary (CC) er Københavns internationale kunstcenter, der viser installationskunst skabt af samtidskunstens verdensstjerner og nye talenter. CC har til huse i den prægtige gamle B&W-svejsehal, der med sine i alt 7.000 m2 smukke industrihaller har pladsen til at udstille de teknisk og pladskrævende formater, som mange samtidskunstnere arbejder i: Store totalinstallationer, performancekunst og monumentale videoværker. Det er kunst, man ofte kan gå ind i og sanse med hele kroppen.


Tid & Sted

8. november kl. 18:00-23:00
Dørene åbner kl. 17:00

Copenhagen Contemporary
Refshalevej 173 A
København K


Pris: 80 kr. inkl. gebyr

Performing at PLX PAIN, Malmö

Screenshot_2019-10-19 Nöjesguiden Live PLX PAIN x MJ's.png

PLX invites you all to an evening of noise, darkness, and painfully beautiful performance. This is followed by intense fun and rhythms.

PLX pain is a presentation of fascinating artistry combining new talent and legends in the field of noise and experimental music.

PLX PAIN is a prelude to PLX TJÄRÖ.

Join us for an evening of vivid experience.

WARNING: Intense art and loud noise  💣

Line up (To be completed)

18.00 Anton Ingvarsson (SE)

19.00 Francesca Burattelli (DK)

20.00 Tobias R. Kirstein (DK)

After ART

21.00-22.30 So Mi Pain Face

22.30-01.00 Nadja Edman

The performances will be between 6pm and 9pm and of course there will be an afterparty that you can’t resist.


This is a series of Nöjesguiden Live presented at MJ’s during 2019/2020 so keep an eye out for what’s more to come.

Elektro-akustisches Phänomen composed for a tape released by Radikal Unsichtbar



Composed and compiled by TRK in 2019.
Recorded by TRK at Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk with a generous contribution from students and teachers, spring 2018.


Read more here

Curated by Louise Vind Nielsen


Radikal Unsichtbar / Workshop Hamburg


Architecture, pillars and things are results of human culture and civilisation. How does sound shape knowledge, and how does culture shape sound? How does our physical environment and the things around us influence the way we listen, and is it possible to create sonic architecture and constructions in sound?

You are invited to take part in a 2-day workshop with Copenhagen-based sound artists Ursula Nistrup and Tobias Kirstein exploring architectonic spaces, musical objects and sculptures as an endless source for sound.

Ursula Nistrup describes sound not as a material, but rather as the sculptor’s chisel with which material and spaces can be shaped. This way Ursula shapes her porcelain pillars and sculptures. Grounded in a conceptual minimalist tradition her sculptural and sonic works deal with sound in and of itself, but also as a cultural phenomenon investigating how sound creates worlds, intimate imaginings and expanded spaces.

Through his conceptual performances and installations Tobias Kirstein explores the act of listening and creating sound as an invisible yet very powerful, sometimes aggressive and territorial act.

Hamburg-based Swiss artist Angela Anzi works with sound as an actor in her performative sculptures and installations. Angela will participate in the workshop and will exhibit selected sculptural works in the space of Westwerk.

Radikal Unsichtbar is proud to release a limited edition tape with works by Angela Anzi and Tobias Kirstein specially produced for ACT 8.

Westwerk, Admiralitätstraße 74, Hamburg.

Radikal Unsichtbar – ACT 8 is kindly supported by Hamburg – Ministry of Culture and Media and Danish Art Foundation. A speciel thanks to Westwerk and Boris Vogeler for hosting Radikal Unsichtbar and to Gavin Weiss for mastering the tape release. Radikal Unsichtbar is curated by the Danish sound and performance artist Louise Vind Nielsen since 2015.

Liner notes for G.E.K. – Mahatma

GEK front_inner-1.jpg

GEK inner_bjerg.jpg

GEK inner_text.jpg

G.E.K. – Mahatma LP/download 2019

The title “Mahatma” is a reference to the Mahatma Letter and the Russian mystic Madame Blavatsky, whose somewhat dubious legacy nonetheless suggested a connection between philosophy, research and spirituality with side stories of deceit, supernatural elements and a degree of megalomania. The Mahatma Letters supposedly carried messages from the ethereal grand masters and introduced the esoteric and occult from the East in the Western world.

The album is recorded by Maria Bertel and Johannes Lund in their home in Torup and at Mayhem and then processed and mastered by Andreas Pallisgaard.

composed by G.E.K.

performed by
maria bertel: yamaha cs5 & trombone
johannes lund: dark energy II, violin, piano bass, bass drum, baritone saxophone, bells & gongs

recorded in mayhem & torup 2018
mix & master by andreas pallisgaard
text by t.r. kirstein
layout by mads

aether productions 2019

A readymade publication for ‘Reception Desk’ (group show)

IMG_8266 2.jpeg


KLD Repro and Sensorisk Verden are very happy to invite you again

Reception Desk is a recurring platform presenting multiples by local artists and musicians

For this event:

Background choreography
World Loop

Breathing Exercises for MacBook Pro
EB & Passive/Agressive

Mind Matter
Sensorisk Verden

Kristian B Johansson
KBJ Publishing
Riso A2 poster

I Me Elvs Love Tender – A disassembled lovesong readymade for the individual.
Tobias R. Kirstein in collaboration with Jeppe Pendrup Jørgensen

Originally printed in Slagtryk february 2017.

Self released Booklet /foldable poster in a limited edition of 70




Listen and/or buy the Daimon Fortis track here:

Buy the Disformation tracks here:

(For optimal sonic pleasure, please use headphones)

Disformation is an experimental music label conceived by Casper Gottlieb and Jesper Bagger Hviid.

“A common element of the musical pieces on these releases is that they are claiming space like an uninvited guest: They occupy your room, leaving no other option but to give in. They demand your attention without ever asking for it, and they don’t complement anything but themselves. An example of this is TR Kirstein’s forthcoming release, “Daimon Fortis”.

“Daimon Fortis” unfolds as a drone piece that is meandering slowly around itself. Time is vanishing and is blurred out completely. Listening through this release is a highly rewarding experience. Deep square waves are being modulated almost unperceivably into the sonic product of a machine meditating. This confronts us with how passive and relentless machines are. They enforce their own rhythms on us, simply because they are not as flexible as we are. And it is our flexibility which allows us to be overtaken. We cannot communicate with a machine: They do not provide any response or reaction. Consequently, this requires us to adapt, in an act of reverse ergonomics. Machines have become the circumstances under which we change.”

Read an intelligent and interesting text about the project here:


‘World’s last male northern white rhino dies aged 45’ Risoprint


‘World’s last male northern white rhino dies aged 45’

Composite readymade

Risoprint in an edition of 64

Made in collaboration with Kasper Vang


BEERS 8 – 100 mænd på Kro, har fernisering fredag den 13.september kl. 17

Byens Kro, Møntergade 8, København K

Udstillingsperiode: 13.september -31. oktober 2019

Kurateret af Melou Vanggaard & Rikke Benborg

De deltagende kunstnere er:
Morten Skrøder Lund, Tobias R. Kirstein, Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen, Jeppe Kruse, Jasper Sebastian Stürup, Rasmus Danø, Niels Bonde, Søren Hüttel, Nour Fog, Simon Grimm, Henrik Plenge Jacobsen, Jonas Hvid Søndergaard, Anders Bonnesen, Steen Møller Rasmussen, Kaare Sebastian Golles, Hartmut Stockter, Espen Brandt-Møller, Uffe Isolotto/ Age of Aquarius, John Kørner, Manfred Peckl, Dick Nyhuus, Thorgej Steen Hansen, Lars Granaae, Adam Fenton, Jes Wind Andersen, Anders Brinch, Nicky Sparre-Ulrich, Emil Salto, Heine Klausen Kjærgaard, Søren Martinsen, Jacob Borges, Morten Søkilde, Jesper Christiansen, Frodo Mikkelsen, Jesper Fabricius, Ulrik Weck, Thorbjørn Bechmann, Palle Sigsgaard, Martin Askholm, Lars Heiberg, Kristian Sverdrup, Michael Würtz Overbeck, Jenz Møller, Rasmus Styrmer, Andreas Schulenburg, Jesse Jacob Lindkvist, Thomas Bjørkå, Peter Land, Adam James Hommel Varab, Morten Stræde, David Dellagi, Simon Ganshorn, Stefan Rotvit, Honza Hoeck, Claus Handgaard, Michael Mørk, Michael Boelt Fischer, Bjørn Nørgaard, Claus Hugo Nielsen, Svend Sømod, Jon Erik Nyholm, Absalon Kirkeby, Zven Balslev, Bjarne Werner Sørensen, Peter Larsen, Anders Bulow, Christian Flopper Manstrup, Christian Vind, Lars Bent Petersen, Ebbe Stub Wittup, Magnus Clausen, Andreas Schlaegel, Thomas Drachan, Mikkel Olaf Eskildsen, Peter Carlsen, Henrik Manné, Tumi Magnusson, Kaj Nyborg, Kristian Devantiers , Erik Steffensen, Birk Bjørklo, Per Gerhard, Oliver Bak, Johannes Sivertsen, Christian Finne, Jon Stahn, Søren Behncke, Nikolaj Recke, Jesper Aabille, Finn Naur Petersen, Heine Skjerning, Carsten Von Würden, Michael Hansen, Jesper Palm, Jørgen Teik, Thomas Friis-Holm, Kasper Oppen Samuelsen, Christoffer Munch Andersen, Niels Reumert, Svend Danielsen

Topos will perform Variations VII live

TOPOS presents
John Cage’s Variations VII live for the first time in Scandinavia

Joining TOPOS will be a very special guest – the director of the E.A.T. Julie Martin (b. 1938) who co-produced the legendary 9 Evenings in 1966. Variations VII was produced by E.A.T. as part of 9 Evenings

September 3rd in Aarhus, Denmark:

The history of E.A.T. by Julie Martin
During her lecture Martin will be joined by TOPOS for a talk about their collaboration. Location and time: ARoS Art Museum, 4pm

Variations VII live, performed by Jacob Kirkegaard, Tobias R. Kirstein,
Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard and Julie Martin. Location and time:
Den Rå Hal, 7pm. The event is a part of Aarhus Festuge

September 14th in Oslo, Norway:

The history of E.A.T. by Julie Martin
During her lecture Martin will be joined by TOPOS for a talk about their collaboration. Location and time: Kunstnernes Hus, 12:30pm
The event is a part of Ultima Festival

September 19th in Copenhagen, Denmark:

The history of E.A.T.
by Julie Martin
During her lecture Martin will be joined by TOPOS for a talk about their collaboration. Location and time: Copenhagen Contemporary, 7pm

Variations VII
live, performed by Jacob Kirkegaard, Tobias R. Kirstein,
Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard and Julie Martin.
Location and time: Copenhagen Contemporary, 9pm.
Supported by SNYK


TOPOS was founded in 2019 by the three artists and composers, Jacob Kirkegaard, Tobias R. Kirstein and Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard,
to pursue their shared commitment to cross cultural and cross media activities that move beyond the strictures and boundaries of separate fields and disciplines. Its projects and program use various modes of presenting, publishing and releasing contemporary and archival material, generated or discovered by Topos.
Topos is collaborating with Julie Martin, Director of Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) to research and publish selected material from the organization’s extensive archive of sound recordings that include performances, interviews and other sound material produced by E.A.T. activities over the past 50 years.

The first releases on Topos are:

Topos 01 John Cage: Variations VII
9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering

Topos 02 Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard – Egis Ce Asc

Topos 03 Tobias R. Kirstein – BEELZEBUB

Topos 04 Jacob Kirkegaard – OPUS MORS

Beelzebub (Topos 03)


On september 3rd this will be released:
Topos 03: T.R.Kirstein – Beelzebub
180 gr. black vinyl. Limited edition of 100.
Text and Sound by TR Kirstein.
Layout by Kasper Vang.
Liner notes by Kasper Opstrup.
“Originally a Philistine god, Beelzebub became a major demon in the Abrahamic religions. In Christianity, he is often portrayed as one of the seven princes of Hell, commonly representing Gluttony. Literally, the name translates according to the Dictionnaire Infernal as “Lord of the Flies” where the zvuv of the name’s Hebrew and Arabic transliterations refers onomatopoetically to the fizzing and droning aural noise of the fly.

Maybe it is these demonic connotations combined with the utter meaninglessness of the fly and its anal-erotic attraction, our fascination with what repels us, that has attracted artists from the Cramps to Yoko Ono to the fly and its maddening triviality. But as they move through our world in negative, flies are not only connected to noise, evil, the formless, and all kinds of rot. They are also a source of healing.”



Endless Spring or how to circumvent change (copper, voice) by Claus Haxholm & Tobias R. Kirstein


A new sculpture/installation made by Claus Haxholm and me will be presented at Torup Kontemporær Musik Festival  18. 05. 19

Read more here:

Organised and curated by Maria Bertel & Johs Lund.

Is-In-Unsamble (vinyl)

This little wonder of strangeness came my way. A collaborative weird music release on Gilgongo Records. Recorded September 2015 at Smegma’s Studio in Portland, Oregon. Ju Suk Reet Meate & Oblivia (Smegma, The Tenses), Brenna Murphy & Birch Cooper (MSHR), Chiara Giovando (Harrius), Johannes Lund & Tobias Kirstein are the IS IN UNSAMBLE.

new book coming

I am working on a new book on revolutions with illustrations by the great painter Asbjørn Schou. The book will be in english.Revolutionary Flower by Asbjørn Schou


CLICK Festival 2019

I will perform OFFAL at this years Click Festival May 18, along side Beatriz Ferreyra, Phew, Drew McDowall, Resina, Empire Line, Apartment House performing Julius Eastman and many others. Speakers will be Paul B Preciado, Achille Mbembe and Rosi Braidotti.

tobias kirstein 2

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