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Radikal Unsichtbar / Workshop Hamburg


Architecture, pillars and things are results of human culture and civilisation. How does sound shape knowledge, and how does culture shape sound? How does our physical environment and the things around us influence the way we listen, and is it possible to create sonic architecture and constructions in sound?

You are invited to take part in a 2-day workshop with Copenhagen-based sound artists Ursula Nistrup and Tobias Kirstein exploring architectonic spaces, musical objects and sculptures as an endless source for sound.

Ursula Nistrup describes sound not as a material, but rather as the sculptor’s chisel with which material and spaces can be shaped. This way Ursula shapes her porcelain pillars and sculptures. Grounded in a conceptual minimalist tradition her sculptural and sonic works deal with sound in and of itself, but also as a cultural phenomenon investigating how sound creates worlds, intimate imaginings and expanded spaces.

Through his conceptual performances and installations Tobias Kirstein explores the act of listening and creating sound as an invisible yet very powerful, sometimes aggressive and territorial act.

Hamburg-based Swiss artist Angela Anzi works with sound as an actor in her performative sculptures and installations. Angela will participate in the workshop and will exhibit selected sculptural works in the space of Westwerk.

Radikal Unsichtbar is proud to release a limited edition tape with works by Angela Anzi and Tobias Kirstein specially produced for ACT 8.

Westwerk, Admiralitätstraße 74, Hamburg.

Radikal Unsichtbar – ACT 8 is kindly supported by Hamburg – Ministry of Culture and Media and Danish Art Foundation. A speciel thanks to Westwerk and Boris Vogeler for hosting Radikal Unsichtbar and to Gavin Weiss for mastering the tape release. Radikal Unsichtbar is curated by the Danish sound and performance artist Louise Vind Nielsen since 2015.

Liner notes for G.E.K. – Mahatma

GEK front_inner-1.jpg

GEK inner_bjerg.jpg

GEK inner_text.jpg

G.E.K. – Mahatma LP/download 2019

The title “Mahatma” is a reference to the Mahatma Letter and the Russian mystic Madame Blavatsky, whose somewhat dubious legacy nonetheless suggested a connection between philosophy, research and spirituality with side stories of deceit, supernatural elements and a degree of megalomania. The Mahatma Letters supposedly carried messages from the ethereal grand masters and introduced the esoteric and occult from the East in the Western world.

The album is recorded by Maria Bertel and Johannes Lund in their home in Torup and at Mayhem and then processed and mastered by Andreas Pallisgaard.

composed by G.E.K.

performed by
maria bertel: yamaha cs5 & trombone
johannes lund: dark energy II, violin, piano bass, bass drum, baritone saxophone, bells & gongs

recorded in mayhem & torup 2018
mix & master by andreas pallisgaard
text by t.r. kirstein
layout by mads

aether productions 2019

A readymade publication for ‘Reception Desk’ (group show)

IMG_8266 2.jpeg


KLD Repro and Sensorisk Verden are very happy to invite you again

Reception Desk is a recurring platform presenting multiples by local artists and musicians

For this event:

Background choreography
World Loop

Breathing Exercises for MacBook Pro
EB & Passive/Agressive

Mind Matter
Sensorisk Verden

Kristian B Johansson
KBJ Publishing
Riso A2 poster

I Me Elvs Love Tender – A disassembled lovesong readymade for the individual.
Tobias R. Kirstein in collaboration with Jeppe Pendrup Jørgensen

Originally printed in Slagtryk february 2017.

Self released Booklet /foldable poster in a limited edition of 70


‘World’s last male northern white rhino dies aged 45’ Risoprint


‘World’s last male northern white rhino dies aged 45’

Composite readymade

Risoprint in an edition of 64

Made in collaboration with Kasper Vang


BEERS 8 – 100 mænd på Kro, har fernisering fredag den 13.september kl. 17

Byens Kro, Møntergade 8, København K

Udstillingsperiode: 13.september -31. oktober 2019

Kurateret af Melou Vanggaard & Rikke Benborg

De deltagende kunstnere er:
Morten Skrøder Lund, Tobias R. Kirstein, Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen, Jeppe Kruse, Jasper Sebastian Stürup, Rasmus Danø, Niels Bonde, Søren Hüttel, Nour Fog, Simon Grimm, Henrik Plenge Jacobsen, Jonas Hvid Søndergaard, Anders Bonnesen, Steen Møller Rasmussen, Kaare Sebastian Golles, Hartmut Stockter, Espen Brandt-Møller, Uffe Isolotto/ Age of Aquarius, John Kørner, Manfred Peckl, Dick Nyhuus, Thorgej Steen Hansen, Lars Granaae, Adam Fenton, Jes Wind Andersen, Anders Brinch, Nicky Sparre-Ulrich, Emil Salto, Heine Klausen Kjærgaard, Søren Martinsen, Jacob Borges, Morten Søkilde, Jesper Christiansen, Frodo Mikkelsen, Jesper Fabricius, Ulrik Weck, Thorbjørn Bechmann, Palle Sigsgaard, Martin Askholm, Lars Heiberg, Kristian Sverdrup, Michael Würtz Overbeck, Jenz Møller, Rasmus Styrmer, Andreas Schulenburg, Jesse Jacob Lindkvist, Thomas Bjørkå, Peter Land, Adam James Hommel Varab, Morten Stræde, David Dellagi, Simon Ganshorn, Stefan Rotvit, Honza Hoeck, Claus Handgaard, Michael Mørk, Michael Boelt Fischer, Bjørn Nørgaard, Claus Hugo Nielsen, Svend Sømod, Jon Erik Nyholm, Absalon Kirkeby, Zven Balslev, Bjarne Werner Sørensen, Peter Larsen, Anders Bulow, Christian Flopper Manstrup, Christian Vind, Lars Bent Petersen, Ebbe Stub Wittup, Magnus Clausen, Andreas Schlaegel, Thomas Drachan, Mikkel Olaf Eskildsen, Peter Carlsen, Henrik Manné, Tumi Magnusson, Kaj Nyborg, Kristian Devantiers , Erik Steffensen, Birk Bjørklo, Per Gerhard, Oliver Bak, Johannes Sivertsen, Christian Finne, Jon Stahn, Søren Behncke, Nikolaj Recke, Jesper Aabille, Finn Naur Petersen, Heine Skjerning, Carsten Von Würden, Michael Hansen, Jesper Palm, Jørgen Teik, Thomas Friis-Holm, Kasper Oppen Samuelsen, Christoffer Munch Andersen, Niels Reumert, Svend Danielsen

Topos will perform Variations VII live

TOPOS presents
John Cage’s Variations VII live for the first time in Scandinavia

Joining TOPOS will be a very special guest – the director of the E.A.T. Julie Martin (b. 1938) who co-produced the legendary 9 Evenings in 1966. Variations VII was produced by E.A.T. as part of 9 Evenings

September 3rd in Aarhus, Denmark:

The history of E.A.T. by Julie Martin
During her lecture Martin will be joined by TOPOS for a talk about their collaboration. Location and time: ARoS Art Museum, 4pm

Variations VII live, performed by Jacob Kirkegaard, Tobias R. Kirstein,
Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard and Julie Martin. Location and time:
Den Rå Hal, 7pm. The event is a part of Aarhus Festuge

September 14th in Oslo, Norway:

The history of E.A.T. by Julie Martin
During her lecture Martin will be joined by TOPOS for a talk about their collaboration. Location and time: Kunstnernes Hus, 12:30pm
The event is a part of Ultima Festival

September 19th in Copenhagen, Denmark:

The history of E.A.T.
by Julie Martin
During her lecture Martin will be joined by TOPOS for a talk about their collaboration. Location and time: Copenhagen Contemporary, 7pm

Variations VII
live, performed by Jacob Kirkegaard, Tobias R. Kirstein,
Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard and Julie Martin.
Location and time: Copenhagen Contemporary, 9pm.
Supported by SNYK


TOPOS was founded in 2019 by the three artists and composers, Jacob Kirkegaard, Tobias R. Kirstein and Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard,
to pursue their shared commitment to cross cultural and cross media activities that move beyond the strictures and boundaries of separate fields and disciplines. Its projects and program use various modes of presenting, publishing and releasing contemporary and archival material, generated or discovered by Topos.
Topos is collaborating with Julie Martin, Director of Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) to research and publish selected material from the organization’s extensive archive of sound recordings that include performances, interviews and other sound material produced by E.A.T. activities over the past 50 years.

The first releases on Topos are:

Topos 01 John Cage: Variations VII
9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering

Topos 02 Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard – Egis Ce Asc

Topos 03 Tobias R. Kirstein – BEELZEBUB

Topos 04 Jacob Kirkegaard – OPUS MORS

Beelzebub (Topos 03)


On september 3rd this will be released:
Topos 03: T.R.Kirstein – Beelzebub
180 gr. black vinyl. Limited edition of 100.
Text and Sound by TR Kirstein.
Layout by Kasper Vang.
Liner notes by Kasper Opstrup.
“Originally a Philistine god, Beelzebub became a major demon in the Abrahamic religions. In Christianity, he is often portrayed as one of the seven princes of Hell, commonly representing Gluttony. Literally, the name translates according to the Dictionnaire Infernal as “Lord of the Flies” where the zvuv of the name’s Hebrew and Arabic transliterations refers onomatopoetically to the fizzing and droning aural noise of the fly.

Maybe it is these demonic connotations combined with the utter meaninglessness of the fly and its anal-erotic attraction, our fascination with what repels us, that has attracted artists from the Cramps to Yoko Ono to the fly and its maddening triviality. But as they move through our world in negative, flies are not only connected to noise, evil, the formless, and all kinds of rot. They are also a source of healing.”



Endless Spring or how to circumvent change (Copper, voice) by Claus Haxholm & Tobias R. Kirstein


A new sculpture/installation made by Claus Haxholm and me will be presented at Torup Kontemporær Musik Festival  18. 05. 19

Read more here:

Organised and curated by Maria Bertel & Johs Lund.

Is-In-Unsamble (vinyl)

This little wonder of strangeness came my way. A collaborative weird music release on Gilgongo Records. Recorded September 2015 at Smegma’s Studio in Portland, Oregon. Ju Suk Reet Meate & Oblivia (Smegma, The Tenses), Brenna Murphy & Birch Cooper (MSHR), Chiara Giovando (Harrius), Johannes Lund & Tobias Kirstein are the IS IN UNSAMBLE.

new book coming

I am working on a new book on revolutions with illustrations by the great painter Asbjørn Schou. The book will be in english.Revolutionary Flower by Asbjørn Schou


CLICK Festival 2019

I will perform OFFAL at this years Click Festival May 18, along side Beatriz Ferreyra, Phew, Drew McDowall, Resina, Empire Line, Apartment House performing Julius Eastman and many others. Speakers will be Paul B Preciado, Achille Mbembe and Rosi Braidotti.

tobias kirstein 2

(in the making) Mains Hum 2019

Photo by Aukje Lepoutre Ravn

December – Exhibition with Nastio Mosquito, at Jahmek Contemporary Art, Luanda, Angola.