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Madrigal (for Gesualdo) by Christian Rønn & TR Kirstein

Topos, the danish forefront of interesting musings and beyond, is releasing “Madrigal” today. A piece of music by Tobias Kirstein and Christian Rønn recorded live in 2017. Two organs, 8 oscillators, wooden floor and ceiling, stonewalls, some people and a good amount of time and patience.

Christian Rønn works with improvisation, electroacoustics, fixed composition, soundart and film-music, performing and writing in a variety of combinations and constellations. F.ex. with Ikue Mori, Peter Peter, Aram Shelton and P.O. Jørgens. Points of interest: unrecognizable states of being, transcendence, journey beyond language. His energetic and out-of-body-playing-style has been likened to Cecil Taylor and Sun Ra. As an organ-and piano-player, he creates solo- and collaborative works for organ, piano and multi-channel electronics as well as installation-works. Writes and produces “Panser” with Peter Peter as well as the popular electronica-act “Ganga” and has been scoring film-classics as “Battleship Potemkin”, “Metropolis” and “Man with a Moving Camera”.

More about Christian Rønn: https://christianronn.dk/

The wind sighs, whispers, whistles, howls, talks and listens… a music for long before or after there are no ears, minds and bodies. Sound performance with Ursula Nistrup at SOUND FORMS Symposium, Koncertkirken, Copenhagen, October 13, 2018.

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A live sound performance based on recordings of hollow bodies, natural or man made with sound and visual artist Ursula Nistrup.

Sound Forms is a 3-day experiential symposium of talks, sound walks, workshops and sound-based art that aims to engage people in concepts in Sound Studies, with an emphasis on sonic perception, Acoustic Ecology and listening practices.

Participants include artists and researchers from Denmark and abroad who have contributed significantly to the field of Sound Studies.

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