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AUDIO:VISUALS Jomi Massage, TR Kirstein, Anna Maria Helgadottir (2014)

From the press release of CPH:DOX: “Using the concept of ‘parallel’ as their starting point, the musicians and artists Jomi Massage and Tobias Kirstein and the video artist Anna Maria Helgadottir have founded a joint project between performance, film and sound art. Parallels are the opposite of opposites, and the three otherwise so different artists have also teamed up to a project that Jomi Massage (aka Signe Høirup Wille-Jørgensen) calls a journey through inertia and physical states. A visual and sound-saturated journey in tones and noise, fissures and images of what is otherwise such a quiet inner place’. A live experiment from the three veterans of Copenhagen’s underground scene.”