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Beelzebub (Topos 03)


On september 3rd this will be released:
Topos 03: T.R.Kirstein – Beelzebub
180 gr. black vinyl. Limited edition of 100.
Text and Sound by TR Kirstein.
Layout by Kasper Vang.
Liner notes by Kasper Opstrup.
“Originally a Philistine god, Beelzebub became a major demon in the Abrahamic religions. In Christianity, he is often portrayed as one of the seven princes of Hell, commonly representing Gluttony. Literally, the name translates according to the Dictionnaire Infernal as “Lord of the Flies” where the zvuv of the name’s Hebrew and Arabic transliterations refers onomatopoetically to the fizzing and droning aural noise of the fly.

Maybe it is these demonic connotations combined with the utter meaninglessness of the fly and its anal-erotic attraction, our fascination with what repels us, that has attracted artists from the Cramps to Yoko Ono to the fly and its maddening triviality. But as they move through our world in negative, flies are not only connected to noise, evil, the formless, and all kinds of rot. They are also a source of healing.”