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A Users Manual (2015)

Based on the assumption that ghost stories are the perfect score for a specific topos.

Mixed media, 3 posters, sound installation outside of the gallery, a scorecard, exhibited at Gallery Disjecta, Portland USA.

Curated by Chiara Giovando

We wanted to create a work that couldn’t be sold, that left no visible trace and that anybody could do (i.e. low production value).

We created this idea that listening can be an aggressive act. That it can change the surroundings. Instead of being an impassive listener you are active.

We created a score card that you could have in your pocket.:

Lights People

Lights People with Mikka Vainio, Click Festival.

Lights People was founded in 2003 by Sune TB Nielsen and TR Kirstein. Toke Tietze Mortensen joined later.

Lights People have long worked with the power of the general electricity network which runs through everybody’s everyday. They use completely analog electricity creating large explosive bassheavy drone-like random force fields and they often invite a fourth artist to guide and create the sound field through the mixer.

More here: http://www.lightspeople.net/