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Dracula Never Ends (2017)

Electronic drone for 7 speakers at David Risley Gallery.

Dracula Never Ends.

Tobias R Kirstein live drone performance celebrating the cassette release of Tony Conrad / Tobias R. Kirstein ‘Live at Mayhem March 1. 2012’ on Insula Music

5 years ago and so many things have happened.
5 years ago I played a duo concert with Tony Conrad at Mayhem. We spent the afternoon together, talking and trying out stuff.
Mostly just talking. He had a sore shoulder which meant we should take it slow from the beginning.

          The recording of the concert was on the shelf for some years until Johs Lund made a mix and convinced me to release it. The tape was ready for a while. Andreas Korsgaard made a great cover. Insula Records was happy to put it out. Thank you!

Life and death happened.
Red and golden colors.
Such a little box of plastic and magnetic tape means so much.
All things considered, I think it is appropriate to celebrate the release instead of hanging around and getting all sentimental.

No talking.

A big celebratory drone in an art space suits the participants and the sound well.

David Risley Gallery, the best gallery in town, was kind enough to open their doors.
So here we are.

Releases / Publications

Records, CD’s and Cassette Tapes

BÅNDMAGASINET – 1. udgave, November 2017 Bidrag fra: Sandra Boss, Tobias Kirstein, Claus Haxholm, Lars Bech Pilgaard, Johannes Björkman, Jan Høgh Stricker, Asger Kudahl, William Kudahl. http://www.resonansrecordings.com/bandmagasinet/

Kirstein – Furnace (LP) Sensorisk Verden

Tony Conrad/Kirstein – Live at Mayhem (cass) Insula

Kirstein/ Nielsen I AM SO HAPPY I COULD SPIT / I WILL NOT SEE (LP) Infinite Waves

Kirstein / Joachim Nordwall – 15 Minutes Of Mayhem In Mayhem (Cass, S/Sided, Ltd)

Kirstein/ Kirkegaard – IMPERIA (LP) Posh Isolation

Lights People with Leif Elggren/Goodiepal (LP) Firework Edition Records

Lights People & CM Von Hausswolff (CD) Firework Edition Records

Lund, A. Hartvig, M. Bertel, A. Führer & TR Kirstein – Plays Spiral & Metatron’s Cube (LP) 2014

Johns Lunds & TR Kirstein – Lithobolia (10″) yoyooyoy

Pär Thörn & TR Kirstein – Slug Bait (Cass, Ltd, C30)

Thörn /Kirstein (Cass, Ltd, C30)

To\To Pois Demonit Pois (LP) Cejero 2014

To\To\Tu with Robert Turman – To\To\Tu (LP, S/Sided) Halloween Creativity 2015

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Texts and Books

Force Majeure, tekster af Zven Balslev, Jonas Okholm Jensen, T.R. Kirstein, Illustreret af Zven Balslev, 40 sider, begrænset oplag, ude på CULT PUMP.

Der Findes ikke Løsninger, Kun Beslutninger OVO #32 60 sider, garnhæftet. Køb her

Den yttersta dagen Tidningen har limmad rygg och är 56 sidor tjock. Upplagan är begränsad till 133 exemplar. Forlaget Storno. UDSOLGT.

Gallus indeholder opskrifter på galblæk, en oversættelse H.P. Lovecrafts langdigt Svampe fra Yuggoth, fotos m.m. Katalog udgivet i forbindelse med udstillingen Gallus af Rasmus Rosengaard og Tobias R. Kirstein på Galleri D7 v./kurator Melou Vangaard. Tekst og billeder af Tobias R. Kirstein. Layout Jeppe Pendrup Jørgensen. Print KLD Repro med et oplag på 100.

Tulpa is an artists’ (log)book published in conjunction with the exhibition “Tulpa – a fictive topography” at Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen, 2016. The book consists of travel notes from a fictional place in words and images. Photographs, drawings and an onomatopoeic sound walk describe an undefined landscape. With text contributions by Deepa Bhasthi, Jesper Elving and Sharada Srinivasan. Edition of 300. Published June 2016. Graphic Design: Martin Ransby. www.ransbyeditions.com

83 ofre for den forrige hukommelse, Rasmus Graff, Johannes Lund, Tobias Kirstein, 32 pages written for and performed during Lyd+Litteraturfestivalen/Festival for Sound and Literature, Godsbanen, Århus, 27. april 2012.

William S. Burroughs De Vilde Drenge, Translation and foreword with Kasper Opstrup.  Antipyrine 2017.

William S. Burroughs Akademi 23 translated and edited with Kasper Opstrup, Antipyrine 2014.

Det Arkipelagiske Legeme /The Archipelagic Body folder text for the exhibition Vestindiske Forestillinger by Jacob Kirkegaard and Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard, Overgaden udstillingssted for Samtidskunst, 2017. Read (in english) Læs (på dansk)

Liner notes for Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard – Sound X Sound 7 x 7″ vinyl, Edition·S – music¬sound¬art

Baby says hello/goodbye tekst Slagtryk, Tidsskrift for Digte og Kortprosa Februar 2017 Udgivet af Kronstork.

Manuscript for Det Omvända Sjutalet in Pär Thörn, Ordningen Upprätthålls Alltid, Apart, 2013

I’ll come out when I’m good and ready, kronik, Geiger nr.20, maj 2011