Two Way Mirror (2017)

Installation consisting of 3 books, 2 cassettes, custom glasses with mirrors on both sides.

The release of a vinyl record titled Furnace.

Twerg Studium, Copenhagen, October 2017

As part of the exhibition series Former Commodity, curated by Alexander Holm.

Interview in Blacklisted

Photos by Alexander Holm


A small exhibition, a still life consisting of books and tapes, that investigates the relationship between a few historically contextual objects; instruments of insight, possibilities and control on the one hand and on the other a mystery that conceals itself.

I imagine there’s shining sheet of golden metal between these kinds of knowledge. A space where we can share and create maps of knowledge, and one that is different. The part that is not shared and is not visible. Has no interest. Face towards the sun. The night is also a sun.

The surfaces of objects. And the shiny surface that is visible and touchable and promises sensibilities into a world that is not here right now but always a millisecond away in the far distance

Some things have a reflecting surface, some don’t. We make instruments of control and insight. We make habits and systems. Different economies made for different insights.

Does the knowledge and experience, obtained by these instruments, pass through this shining barrier.

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