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Claus Haxholm & TR Kirstein contribute to the Anthology for listening https://bureauforlistening.com/anthology-for-listening/

HAUNT (2022) by Claus Haxholm & TR Kirstein presented at and commissioned by Bureau for Listening

HAUNT, 2022 [Installation]

Tobias Kirstein & Claus Haxholm

White noise track, TV-light simulators, Handbook of Aggressive Listening

“The screens are flickering, marking the shapes of bodies and their stories on the barren walls. Nobody is home. Home is nobody. The noise only gives a whispering guidance. Strategies of the fake invisible marks the consequences on the cold white walls. Nobody is not there. The outside looks in. The desire of knowledge. Nobody is knowledge. Not empty but flickering still.”

Practical information:

The exhibition is open 24 hours by appointment.

Visit after nightfall is recommended.

The exhibition will run from the 10th to 16th of june.

You can come without appointment the 10th of june from 17:00-24:00 (opening).

Address: Odinsgade 2, 1. th, 2200 Copenhagen N.

Mail: bureauforlistening[at]gmail.com